Lynx pardinus - CGMA Lecture

Hi guys !
I am very happy to have joined the team of CG Master Academy as online tutor of Animal and Creature anatomy. If you want to join my course, feel free to follow this link :
This is a study that I did in order to record my lecture. I'm presenting you some of the pics of my Lynx Pardinus anatomy study. The full workflow as well as explanations will be available for my students.

Gael kerchenbaum lynx 006 render

Lynx Pardinus anatomy study. Rendered in Maya and Arnold

Gael kerchenbaum lynx 002 render

These renders are part of the 6th week lecture : how to render your studies in Maya

Gael kerchenbaum lynx 003 render
Gael kerchenbaum lynx 004 render

Portfolio pieces are important, so I want my students to feel proud of their work. For this reason, there is a full week dedicated to presentation...

Gael kerchenbaum lynx 005 render fliped

CGMA Animal Anatomy Lecture - Lynx Turntable

Gael kerchenbaum lynx 003 4k render

Skull is an important subject of animal anatomy. During the lecture, we spend a full week to understand the skull of our creature.

Gael kerchenbaum capture jpg

In order to create a natural study, we will spend a lot of time to speak about bones...

Gael kerchenbaum capture7

... then come the ecorche.

Gael kerchenbaum screenshot 3
Gael kerchenbaum screenshot 8
Gael kerchenbaum screenshot 10

Finally, we will learn how to sculpt with "style" and get our study from zbrush to a beautiful render !

Gael kerchenbaum screenshot 9
Gael kerchenbaum screenshot 15
Gael kerchenbaum screenshot 14
Gael kerchenbaum screenshot 12
Gael kerchenbaum screenshot 11
Gael kerchenbaum screenshot 10
Gael kerchenbaum lynx 006 render