Release the beast

Release the beast.
This is a private commission I made for Noemotion. I was responsible for all the aspects. We needed to have a trex that could hold a 12K resoution still frame for our client.
The work was made in 8 days, with the amazing help from Texturing XYZ creature displacement textures. I used the caiman and frog packs to creature the base displacement in Mari, then everything was imported and baked in Zbrush. I then sculpted on top and recreated some of the scale to get better volumes.
The albedo was fully painted by hand in Mari using procedural textures, with the help of curvature and cavity masks.
I used the base mesh that I previously created for a Gnomon workshop tutorial.
There is no post-process over the final frame, everything comes straight out of Arnold.

Gael kerchenbaum trex 047 wipoverall blue

Release the beast project

Gael kerchenbaum trex2017 001

Release the beast - video

Gael kerchenbaum modelingtexturing 05 gaelkerchenbaum

I used this base mesh I made for a Gnomon workshop tutorial. All the fine details were remade from scratch thanks to the creature displacement from TexturingXYZ.

Gael kerchenbaum uv 001

UV snapshot from Mari.

Gael kerchenbaum zbrushdisp 001

Screengrab from zbrush,

Gael kerchenbaum trex 009 headscales

WIP of the head sculpt. For this part I used frog displacement pack from TexturingXYZ. The big spikes were sculpted by hand.

Gael kerchenbaum light 001

Lighting setup. The render was done in Maya using Arnold

Gael kerchenbaum trex 026 wiptexture

Early render.

Gael kerchenbaum albedo 002

Mouth albedo

Gael kerchenbaum albedo 003

body albedo. This was painted by hand in Mari using mask procedurals and masks.

Gael kerchenbaum albedo 001

tail albedo

Gael kerchenbaum hex 001

head closeup

Gael kerchenbaum belly 001

belly closeup

Gael kerchenbaum feet 001

feet closeup

Gael kerchenbaum tail 001

tail closeup

Gael kerchenbaum trex 047 wipoverall blue

Release the beast, final render. This is straight out of Arnold without any additionnal process.