A walking T.Rex breakdown

I was lucky enough to be part of a small project, along with two other amazing artists, Charles Chorein and Thomas Obrecht. With this breakdown, I present you a one month project we putted together.

I was responsible for the Modeling and Texturing parts. Thomas Obrecht took care of the Rigging and Animation process. Charles Chorein was our supervisor and worked on the Look Development and Compositing steps.

This shot was created for a Gnomon Workshop about Look Development that you can access with the following link : thegnomonworkshop.com/tutorials/trex-lookdev-and-lighting-with-maya-and-arnold
I wish to thanks both of my two colleagues for this amazing project !

I hope you guys are going to like it.
Music : Old School Love by Marc Dtwo

Gael kerchenbaum trex 109 lookdev

A walking T.Rex breakdown

Gael kerchenbaum trex 011 wip
Gael kerchenbaum trex 010 wip
Gael kerchenbaum trex 094 albedoscars
Gael kerchenbaum trex 026 lightgroup4
Gael kerchenbaum trex 014 wipdisplacement
Gael kerchenbaum trex 108 lookdev
Gael kerchenbaum trex 107 lookdev